Barcode Ribbons:

General Purpose : Wax Ribbons
A complete line of wax ribbons is available for your general-purpose applications. Developed, designed and produced to printers’ manufacturer’s strict specifications, these ribbons offer excellent print quality at an economical price.

Recommended Media: Coated and uncoated Paper Tag and Label Stocks

  • General Purpose Labeling
  • Retail Labeling
  • Shipping & Receiving Labeling
Premium: Wax-Resin ribbons
Designed for today’s high-speed printers, wax-resin ribbons provide an exceptional level of smudge and scratch resistance, while printing at speeds as high as 12 IPS. The level of print quality is also exceptional, especially for complex label formats – normal or rotated bar-coded, logos and graphics.
Recommended Media: Coated Paper Tag and Label Stocks, and Polyester Films


  • Work-in-Process Labeling
  • Compliance Labeling
  • Textile and Apparel Labeling
Resin & Premium Resin Ribbons

Our line of premium resin ribbons offers maximum durability for demanding industrial applications where resistance to extreme abrasion, heat and/or chemicals is required. In addition, our premium ribbons operate at lower print head energy settings, allowing you to extend print head life and reduce maintenance.

Recommended Media: Nylon, Satin fabrics and synthetic label stocks


  • Garment Care Labeling
  • Automotive Labeling
  • Chemical Drum Labeling